10% Minoxidil Azelaic Acid Solution

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Product Overview

Our 10% minoxidil hair growth solution with azelaic acid provides a high-concentration minoxidil treatment proven to show results even if other hair regrowth products have failed to work.


This 10% concentration of minoxidil combined with azelaic acid, retinol, and caffeine is formulated specifically for men who have tried other products with disappointing results.


Over 4 decades of peer-reviewed research confirm that minoxidil stimulates hair growth by increasing scalp blood flow and opening potassium channels. This same research demonstrates that higher concentrations of minoxidil are more effective at stimulating hair growth. Until now, few hair growth solutions have offered minoxidil in high concentrations.


Keep in mind that most hair regrowth products with minoxidil do not include DHT blockers. Our 10% solution includes powerful natural DHT blockers that work alongside minoxidil to give you all of the tools you need to fight back against hair loss.


Active Ingredients:


5% Minoxidil (50 mg/ml)

10% Azelaic Acid (100 mg/ml)

0.025% Retinol (0.25 mg/ml)

o.oo1% Caffeine (0.01 mg/ml)



WARNING: This Powerful Hair Loss Solution Isn’t For Everyone


10% minoxidil rapidly increases hair regrowth. For some people, however, this hair regrowth solution is too powerful. Higher concentrations of minoxidil increase the chances of scalp irritation and possible side effects. This is the reason almost all hair growth aids avoid larger concentrations.


We’ve released this product because we understand that most 5% solutions are not going to work for late-stage hair loss. Our testing revealed that very few people have experienced side effects from higher concentrations of minoxidil, with the most common side effect being dry scalp.


Additionally, if you are in the early stages of hair loss or thinning, a 5% minoxidil solution may be a better alternative. If you are experiencing the early-stages of hair loss, we recommend 5% minoxidil solution.


Click here to learn more about 5% minoxidil solution.



Please read the bottle before using this powerful hair re-growth solution. 


General Information:

Size: 2oz bottle (1-2 months of continued use)

Applicator: Oral syringe

Scented: No

Safe for all hair types: Yes

Results: Begin after one week of continued use and increase over time