2% Minoxidil Azelaic Acid Solution

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Product Overview

The Xandrox.com 2% minoxidil hair loss formula more than a simple reduced concentration of minoxidil…


We’ve re-designed this hair regrowth tool from the ground up specifically with women in mind. From the reduction of the concentration of minoxidil to the maximum recommended dose for women of 2% to the addition of niacin and apple polyphenol to actively restore hair thickness and strength.


You should ideally use Xandrox 2% minoxidil for women as soon as you notice that your hair is thinning or falling out. The longer you wait to act, the less likely it is that Xandrox will be able to restore full hair health, strength, and vitality.


Active Ingredients:


2% Minoxidil (20 mg/ml)

1.5% Azelaic Acid (15 mg/ml)

1% Niacin (10 mg/ml)

0.5% Apple Polyphenol (5 mg/ml)

0.025% Retinol (0.25 mg/ml)

o.oo1% Caffeine (0.01 mg/ml)

Natural DHT Blockers


A Formula Designed Specifically For Women


Women demand more from their hair. That’s usually more volume and more length. We’ve included niacin and apple polyphenol in this exclusive formulation to help create stronger and thicker hair.


While it is possible for women to use our highly concentrated minoxidil formulas designed for men (click here to see the 10% minoxidil solution), it is possible for high concentrations to stimulate hair growth in problem areas where women do not want hair even if it is only applied on the scalp.


Again, Xandrox with 2% minoxidil for women is best applied in the early stages of hair loss. Be sure to order and begin use as soon as possible for optimal results. Product is safe for women of any age.


General Information:

Size: 2oz bottle (1-2 months of continued use)

Applicator: Oral syringe

Scented: No

Safe for all hair types: Yes

Results: Begin after one week of continued use and increase over time