5% Minoxidil Solution

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Product Overview

Current research shows proves that dihydrotestosterone is the primary cause of androgenetic alopecia—or “male pattern hair loss—a genetic inherited trait shared by many men.


For some men, however, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is not that cause of hair loss. If this is the case, or if you are particularly sensitive to DHT blockers, our 5% minoxidil hair growth solution without DHT blockers is right for you.



Active Ingredients:


5% Minoxidil (150 mg/ml)


Ideal For Men Who Are Sensitive To DHT Blockers


While not all men experience a sex-drive decrease as a result of using DHT blocker-based hair loss treatments, the number is high enough that we decided to create a DHT blocker-free solution that contains a standard concentration of minoxidil.


If you are not sensitive to DHT-blockers, we suggest considering our most-powerful hair loss solution that includes both azelaic acid and retinol to fight against the release and uptake of DHT.


Click here to learn more about 5% minoxidil solution with DHT blockers.


We strongly recommend using a DHT blocker-based solution if you can. An increase in dihydrotestosterone is the primary reason that hair loss begins. Our DHT blocker products provide a method of ending the hormonal shift that causes hair loss while encouraging the growth of new hair. Without DHT blockers it’s difficult to fight against the root cause of hair loss.


Please read the bottle before using this powerful hair re-growth solution. 


General Information:

Size: 2oz bottle (1-2 months of continued use)

Applicator: Oral syringe

Scented: No

Safe for all hair types: Yes

Results: Begin after one week of continued use and increase over time