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What Is 15% Strength Minoxidil and Why Is It So Much Better Than Rogaine?

Although a lot of men use Rogaine for their hair loss troubles, 15% high strength minoxidil is much stronger than any form of Rogaine, increasing your chances of regrowing lost hair and keeping it permanently. In fact, 15% high strength minoxidil offers the highest available concentration of minoxidil. As such, it is designed for men who are in late-stage hair loss or completely bald. In contrast, Rogaine is developed for men who are only partially balding in some areas, making it less thorough and effective overall.

There has been a lot of research conducted on 15% high strength minoxidil over the past 4 decades, and it has been found that in high enough concentrations (such as 15%), minoxidil can help bald men to grow new hair from scratch. Products such as Rogaine may be good for partial hair loss, but only 15% high strength minoxidil contains the ideal formula of Azelaic acid, retinol, and minoxidil that helps to grow back your hair when you’re bald. These ingredients act as DHT blockers, helping your body to naturally grow back more hair from follicles which have ceased production over time.

How To Properly Apply 15% Strength Minoxidil To Your Hair For Best Results

If you want to get the best results for hair regrowth when you’re experiencing problems with baldness, you need to make sure that you’re applying your 15% high strength minoxidil evenly and in the appropriate places of your head. Sadly, it is not sufficient to simply rub the 15% high strength minoxidil solution all over your scalp like a shampoo – you need to be more precise and direct with your application. For this reason, we recommend that you use an oral syringe dropper in order to apply your 15% high strength minoxidil.

These products often come with an oral syringe dropper included for this very reason. Of course, despite the name, you should not take the 15% high strength minoxidil orally, but you should use the device to administer small amounts of 15% high strength minoxidil to your scalp where it seems appropriate to do so.

Use the syringe to penetrate the bottle and fill it up with the advised amount of solution. Then, using the dropper, apply the solution to the center of the bald area of the scalp. Following this, use your fingertips to spread the solution evenly across your scalp, reaching all the areas where has hair loss has struck. This application process leads to the best results for men with balding problems.

Not All 15% Strength Minoxidil Preparations Are Equal

Although you might be able to find additional 15% high strength minoxidil on the market, the quality and bioavailability of their ingredients can leave something to be desired. You see, even if you create 15% high strength minoxidil, the quality of the ingredients themselves can have an effect on how well they work. For this reason, buying cheap 15% high strength minoxidil preparations can result in lackluster or non-existent results, which is frustrating for customers. You will also find that many other manufacturers create products which are fake or underdosed, tricking customers into thinking they’re more authentic or effective than they actually are.

You should also pay attention to your application process if you want to see results – applying 15% high strength minoxidil improperly can cause the results to be less even, thorough, and effective. For this reason, we recommend applying our Xandrox products with oral syringes which you can find cheaply at Bulk Syringes, who supply them in bulk, allowing them to drive down the price and pass the savings onto you and your luscious locks.

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