15% Minoxidil Azelaic Acid Solution

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Product Overview

Our 15% minoxidil hair growth solution offers the highest available concentration of minoxidil developed for men who are completely bald or experiencing late-stage hair loss.


Research over the last 40 years has proven that minoxidil is effective at stimulating hair regrowth. In high concentrations, minoxidil can help completely bald men grow hair.


Unfortunately, almost all of the products you can find for hair loss on store shelves don’t offer the high concentration of minoxidil you need to regrow hair if you are completely bald. This 15% solution is one of the only hair loss products that include the high concentration of minoxidil you need with an ideal formulation of Azelaic acid and retinol that act as DHT blockers.


Active Ingredients:


5% Minoxidil (50 mg/ml)

15% Azelaic Acid (150 mg/ml)

0.025% Retinol (0.25 mg/ml)

o.oo1% Caffeine (0.01 mg/ml)

Natural DHT Blocker


WARNING: This Is The Most Powerful Hair Regrowth Product On The Market


Please read all use and application information provided on the bottle before use. This 15% minoxidil concentration is so powerful that it can carry negative side effects if misused.


While other hair regrowth products like Rogaine have decided to avoid creating the high concentrations of minoxidil that balding men need to re-grow hair, we’ve made the choice to release this powerful product that can actually help.


If you are in the early stages of hair loss, we highly recommend looking at a lower concentration solution. 15% minoxidil can help even completely bald men grow hair. If your hair is in the early stages of thinning or loss, 10% or 5% minoxidil solution may be a better treatment. Click the links below to view other lower-strength products. You never want to over treat hair loss.


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Please read the bottle before using this powerful hair re-growth solution. 


General Information:

Size: 2oz bottle (1-2 months of continued use)

Applicator: Oral syringe

Scented: No

Safe for all hair types: Yes

Results: Begin after one week of continued use and increase over time