3 Ways to Care For Your Hair While Traveling

27th Dec 2015

3 Ways to Care For Your Hair While Traveling

hair lossTraveling can be a taxing time for everyone, especially on the body. It can even be hard for your hair, especially if there's a drastic change in the atmosphere. For someone who is also trying to stop their hair loss with minoxidil-based hair loss products, being proactive with your hair care as you travel will help you maintain the best results. Here are three ways to maintain the best hair for your adventures.

1. Pack your minoxidil in your carry-on. Remember, taking a vacation doesn't mean taking a vacation from your hair care, especially if you are using a minoxidil-based formula. Because our Xandrox formula comes in a 2-ounce bottle, it's safe to carry in your traveling bag, without checking it in your luggage. Just remember to follow TSA guidelines, and place it in a clear plastic bag with other travel liquids.

2. Bring tools and supplies to keep your head covered and cared for. Whether you're going to a windy and chilly place, or even hitting tropical, sunny altitude, you are going to need to protect your hair. Hats are a great way to keep moisture into your hair and scalp in dry and cold weather, and they can also hide or protect bald spots from the sun, which will help your hair grow in with more ease if you're using minoxidil based hair loss products.

3. Pack your particular brand of shampoo and conditioner. It can be hard to find the brand of shampoo or conditioner in a new place, especially if you are leaving the country. To maintain the best hair care, pack your shampoo and condition in travel bottles, or if you're gone for a long period of time, consider packing full-sized bottles in your check-in. That way, you know you can take care of your hair with the best products.

Don't let your vacation or travel plans ruin the work you've given your hair. For more tips, contact us.