5 Reasons to Use 10% Minoxidil Products

3rd Jan 2016

5 Reasons to Use 10% Minoxidil Products

hair lossHaving trouble finding the right minoxidil formula for your hair loss? It could be that you need a stronger dose of minoxidil, especially if you have been using prescriptions found in local drugstores. These formulas usually contain only 2-5% of minoxidil, which might not give you the results you need for a fuller head of hair. Here are 5 simple and straightforward reasons to use Xandrox's 10% minoxidil products.

1. It's stronger than 5% minoxidil, for the most aggressive hair loss patterns. If you're losing a lot of hair quickly, 10% is the way to go. It will help grow new hair rapidly.

2. You're fighting hair loss at a later stage. If you are about to begin experimenting with hair loss solutions like minoxidil, but have been losing your hair for a time, 5% solutions might not be strong enough. An increase to 10% minoxidil will show you better results.

hair loss3. You can find it with or without propylene glycol. We offer both solutions, so sensitive scalps can go without the propylene glycol but still see new hair growth.

4. You don't already see dry scalp side effects. If you've been using 5% minoxidil and have received a dry scalp from it, chances are that 10% minoxidil will increase that dryness. If you don't already have a dry scalp, and need the extra boost minoxidil can provide, move up to the 10% solution.

5. You need faster hair growth, now. 5% solutions are usually the best to start with, but can be slow to show the rewards from their use. If you need to up your hair growth in a shorter time frame, try 10%.

You don't have to have a bald head, or rely on solutions that don't give you results. Try 10% minoxidil and contact us to take control of your hair.