When 2% Minoxidil Products is More Than Enough

3rd Jan 2016

When 2% Minoxidil Products is More Than Enough

hair lossIt can be very disconcerting to see the effects of hair loss or baldness on your head, especially as a woman. But, when you do begin to notice hair loss, it is important not to get ahead of yourself and take drastic measures to stop the growth of hair loss. For many women, 2% minoxidil products are the most readily available products to combat women's hair loss. But, with 5% to even 15% minoxidil products on the market for men, some women might worry that 2% is not enough for their hair loss, and attempt to   use a stronger minoxidil prescription.

However, that can be a very bad and destructive decision, which could leave you even more unhappy. Those stronger prescriptions of minoxidil are definitely not recommended for women for many reasons. It really comes down to the delicate chemical composition of hormones in our bodies, and the difference between men and women's chemical composition.

Minoxidil directly affects hormone levels, which is different for men and women. While men have more testosterone, women have a balance of testosterone and estrogen, each contributing to hair growth. A greater percentage of minoxidil above 2% for women can really through this balance out of proportion, which can lead to hair growth in unwanted areas.

So, before you start adding a stronger prescription to your shopping cart, think about these warnings. Err towards using our specially formulated 2% minoxidil product made for women, as it really can be more than enough and proceed to give you the best results for hair growth. To learn more about our products, and learn more tips about women's hair care even after hair loss, contact us.